Safety Mats

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Rubber Safety mats: These rubber mats have the highest quality. The rubber is a natural anti-slip material. Together we the strong suction pads the slipping can be reduced to a minimum.

* 100% Natural rubber (biological degradable)
* From small (baby size) to large (to bath 2 children at the same time): many sizes available
* Washingmachine washable

PVC Safety mats: With PVC materials we easily produce to latest colours and designs. All these mats have strongs anti-slip suction pads underneath.

* 100% PVC
* Made in Italy and in China
* Available in bath and shower sizes

  • v1
    Art. 70222 / Bolle Shower

  • v1
    Art. 71135 / Bolle Bath

  • v1
    Art. 70130 / Deluxe Bath

  • v1
    Art. 71102 / Massage Shower

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