About us

IFC Papillon was founded on September 21, 1990 by Ben Steijn. Using the registered company brand “Papillon” a balanced collection cleaning products was introduced in the Netherlands, which soon achieved an acceptable market share.

After co-director Dennis Steijn came to strengthen our family business in 1993, our products quickly found their way in this very competitive market. A serious increase in the growth of our company was started in 1995; the year when we introduced our patented “ABSORBENT” bath mats.

This PRETTY PRINT bath mat has found a place in more than 3,000,000 bathrooms around the world. The increasingly discerning consumer seems to appreciate the special features of our bath mats with their “Pretty Print” designs.

Recently we perform an interesting collections shower curtains in the same color composition and patterns as the best-sellers from our “Pretty Print” mat series. Our website shows the colorful range of various designs of these shower curtains. In addition, we have a modern line of anti-slip bath and shower mats. We own several molds and let it produce in Italy and China. More and more bathroom accossoiries are added to the Papillon family.

IFC Papillon is truly a specialist in bathroom accessoiries, and strive to achieve “fun in the bathroom”.

A visit to our stand at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt is advisable for every buyer and always a fascinating experience, because we always strive to design innovation and respond to the latest trends. In our new building in Oosterhout we love the custom-made supplies for our customers.

We appreciate your visit to our site at price and if you want additional information about our products please contact us. We would be happy to inform you.

Dennis Steijn

Our products:
* Absorbent Bath mats
* Anti-slip bath mats
* Anti-slip shower mats
* Shower Curtain
* Absorbent animals placemats
* Super soft pan protectors

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